Etikettarkiv: Street photo


This month I will study parallel life. I have always thought that more is more in photography. The more details you squeeze into a picture, the better. I am not sure anymore. Maybe emptiness i story driver. But then, what is emptiness? Is the amount of emptiness in a face than a car or a desolated […]


anything could happen but it did not Shot with Samsung Galaxy S5

Barcelona High Fashion II

shadowless Spain makes 50 shades of grey shot with Samsung Galaxy 5

Black spot – white pain(t)

paint it white lies that is what they do white lash white trash white ash

Barca Studio 3

head phone content. last day of digital era beforish virtual headset grandiosa barcelona by day barcelona by sea candid canon GX1 makes such dull a day hola and for G sake. this is not for real