Last summer

Last Summer7  by Rolf van den Brink
You were busy
The car. The kids. The friends.
So solid. So frail.

Last Summer6  by Rolf van den Brink
That summer cold the sky
Suddenly nothing happened again
The mirror different. Picture the same.

Last Summer10  by Rolf van den Brink
Had some countryside vacation
Friendly landscape welcomish
Rustling the plastic grass

Last Summer11  by Rolf van den Brink
Caught by the kid No Choice
You could come. You didn’t.
The wide blue empty
Last Summer3 by Rolf van den Brink
Found some cool trails up front the digital window
Going selfish fishing off shore. Brokeback
Mountain shirted
Not hurted no more
Last Summer8  by Rolf van den Brink
Enjoyed the google earth scenery. The face book machinery.
Spirits high. No more last summer this summer.  
You bet

Last Summer9  by Rolf van den Brink
Then. The car. The kids.
The missing bolt. Hitting the engine fan.
The major summer engine failure

Last Summer5  by Rolf van den Brink
There was this picnic that shouldn’t have been
Birds’ matrix in the sky
Should have brought bread 
Forgot to bring yourself

Last Summer2 by Rolf van den Brink
Last summer I saw you once.
You didn’t care. So I wait.
For nothing else not to happen

Last Summer4  by Rolf van den Brink
Unripe the cones. Summer no harvest.  
The pain. The grain.

Last Summer1 by Rolf van den Brink
Your trouble in your bubble.
In my cartoon.Breathing
my balloon

Last Summer12  by Rolf van den Brink
You had to go any place
The car. The kids. This summer.
See you next blue sky

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