Yellow Excavator Interaction


yellow digger1 by Rolf van den Brink
We had this issue with the local authorities.
Due to legislative demand we focused on crawling
administration in September until go ahead October 1.

yellow digger5 by Rolf van den Brink
Wag the Yellow Cat. Waiting for the moon
Its’ tail shimmering as a dusky LA highway  
Gold diggers on the storm
Excavating the serpent
Break on through
To Paris

yellow digger3 by Rolf van den Brink
The engineering was civil. Operation fatigue kept at zero level.
Work proceeded. Scheduled by the neon sun.  

yellow digger2 by Rolf van den Brink
In the town where we were ground
Lived a man who fell a shore
Sky of brown and grave of grey
We all live in our yellow excavator
And we lived beneath the walks.

yellow digger7 by Rolf van den Brink
Don’t touch my wacker

yellow digger6 by Rolf van den Brink
On the ground, in the works
My stride will go
Remote, central
Any further and who will know

yellow digger8 by Rolf van den Brink
The tail swing version comes with shovels in three sizes.
Compact rear end design.Yet productive.
Wealth of convenient design features.
Edge in hydraulics. Ample displacement.
Flat bottom bucket.

yellow digger10 by Rolf van den Brink
Two weeks later we opened the Earth. The shopaholics were lining up as planned. The usual consumers, according to target group definitions and public relation strategies. Management sent us their best wishes. From en early point of view The Earth could be a major player in the market.

yellow digger4 by Rolf van den Brink
girl on the old yellow excavator 
oom, bucket and cab on a rotating
sits atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels
accomplished through the use of hydraulic fluid
be it with rams or motors
progression from the steam shovel.
girl on the excavator

yellow digger9 by Rolf van den Brink
she a ditch digger when I’m in need
Tupac da bomb
met her at a Gucci station
with a baby at Magazine Maison
I pulled up in the Hitachi, they all got up in
we all went to din and bill’s on me
Win da Stanley Bucket and drive off in a Caterpillar
Go down, go ’head

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